Programmier Bootcamps

58% of companies have problems finding programmers1. Which means that now is the right time to learn programming.


Why a coding bootcamp?

Because it’s the optimal way to learn these highly demanded skills. We have designed our courses hand in hand with tech companies, adding to the contents every hard and soft skill they look in real job applicants. Once we know what they are looking for, we create real-life projects to work on this skill set.

Tutora + CampSite

We have teamed up and combined years of experience in Vienna teaching, and years of experience delivering bootcamps around Europe. The result? In 12 intensive weeks, you will be able to ready to add value to an employer, which means you’ll be ready to set foot in a programming job.

Full-Stack Development


Project #1 – HTML and CSS websites
Project #2 – Javascript dynamic data display
Project #3 – App backend creation
Project #4 – Client-side app creation

Data Science


Project #1 – Data visualization and programming
Project #2 – Price predictions using data
Project #3 – Data Science applied to crypto market
Project #4 – Marketplace customer behaviour

Facts and figures2

  • Europe faces a major programming talent shortage.
  • During the last decade, the number of ICT specialists in the EU grew by 50.5 %.
  • The number of ICT specialists employed increased almost 8 times more than the rest of industries.
  • Employment in this industry generally held out against the effects of the global financial and economic crisis.

(2source: Eurostat)

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